About us

TIMBERO mission

To promote and develop traditions of wooden buildings thus creating eco-friendly environment for us and our children at the same time using the local resources and manufacturing the production with high added value. 


To be the leading company in wooden building production, trade and construction, to ensure a high service quality and full service to the customer.
 1. Eco wooden houses

2. 10 year expierence in construction of wooden houses in Latvia, Russia and Spain

3. warranty till 5 years

4. quality and accuraccy

5. more than 100 projects

6. individual solutions


3  steps till your own house:


 Agreement - for the tenth year our exhibition buildings and office are invariably located in Rīga, 1 Vietalva Street where we find an individual approach to each customer


Production - we pay a special attention to quality and precision in manufacturing our products. Houses are manufactured in the factory where computer-aided workbenches precisely form the details specified in design. Equipment manufactured by German company ''Auer'' and ''Hundegger'' are used in production process thus ensuring a high quality of end-product.


Delivery and assembly - we perform construction work throughout the territory of Latvia. Currently we can offer more than 100 building designs.