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We offer DESIGN services

We offer DESIGN services. 
When we start searching and getting acquainted with the supply of residential houses, it is not always consistent with our desires and intentions. 
In order to ensure that each customer's individual wishes are fulfilled, the DESIGN SERVICES will also be offered. 
We ensure: 
▪️Individual project development
▪️Changes in our proposed projects or the client’s prepared project
▪️Development of all technical projects
▪️Harmonization of projects with the construction board

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Citadele Ekspress loan

  Citadele Ekspress loan:

         1. Loan offered by bank – reliable, honest partner with a good  reputation.

         2. To become a client of bank  ”Citadele" is not nmandatory.

         3. Fast and simple loan granting.
         4. Not necessary to go anywhere – loan issuance instantly in the office.
         5. Reasonable loan terms and conditions.
         6. No extra charges  – the charge is incorporated into the loan amount.




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