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Timbero in cooperation with architectural company Jonika has created a new house collection “MOBILE”.

It includes speed, flexibility, design, functionality and aesthetics of minimalism. Giving up everything superfluous architects have created a great environment for anyone who values ​​comfort and design at a reasonable price.

Suitable for families

This building will be suitable both as a holiday home and for all-season living. The building can be supplemented and modified based on the customer’s wishes. Four people will feel comfortable in it – the layout of the building includes separate bedrooms, a kitchen area combined with a living area and a bathroom.


29 900 Eur

The total area

30 m2

Main room

20 m2


13.4 m2


4 m2

Mezzanine area

5.1 m2

Installation within 1 day

The construction is made in the factory on site, so the house can be delivered to your desired location and installed in one day. The building is installed to include a full interior, including a fireplace, bathroom and kitchen.

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