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How to start building?

Design and documentation


Send us a message on the project that you have selected on our website or describe your individual project idea. Contact us, we will specify and discuss general issues about the house of our desires. We will briefly describe our building technologies and materials. We will specify the construction site of the planned house, the time of building, preferable construction site area and the approximate budget.



Pursuant to prior appointment, we will meet you in person at our office. Together with an architect, we will discuss your construction idea, the planning of the house and architectural guidelines in detail. We will discuss the issues of the construction site and placement of the house on it, connections of engineering networks, access roads, etc. We will discuss the progress of design and construction process and deadlines thereof. We will specify the construction budget.


After a personal consultation, we will draw up and forward the cost estimate of design works to you. We will include the development of the design of architecture and building structures, as well as the connection of external communications. We will discuss the submission of the project to the Construction Board and approval thereof. We will approve the schedule and inform you of the documents required for the development of the project. After the specification and approval of the cost estimate, we will conclude a contract on the performance of design works.



After having received all required documentation, we will commence the development of sketches and minimum construction design (MCD). We will specify the overall architecture of the house, plans of premises, materials, colours of walls and finishing elements and any other items, depending on your desires and the specific nature of the project. We will draw up the pilot cost estimate of the construction to verify that the implementation of the project matches the planned budget. We will submit the planned MCD to the Construction Board to receive a construction permit. The construction permit shall specify the conditions of design and construction.



In accordance with the developed MCD and the received design and building conditions, we will develop the general plan, architectural and building structures section thereof, we will perform the designing works of the engineering communications, we will prepare temporary energy certificate and all other documentation that is required. We will approve the construction project at the Construction Board (BIS portal), we will receive approvals of engineering communication managers at all responsible authorities. After the receipt of all approvals, the notes on the compliance with design and construction conditions will be entered into the Construction permit, which means that the construction can be commenced.